10 Best Speedruns from AGDQ 2021

10 Best Speedruns from AGDQ 2021

AGDQ 2021 came to a close over the weekend and while it was yet another online-only event, we still got to see plenty of top-tier speedruns, along with a few world records for some categories as well. Here are our picks for the best speedruns we saw during AGDQ 2021 over the last week.

Silent Hill 3

Best Speedruns AGDQ 2021

If you’ve seen any of Punchy’s runs before, you probably already know what to expect from this one. Punchy is best known for being energetic and charismatic during his runs, properly explaining the various speed techniques he makes use of in the game, while also injecting humor in between to keep things entertaining.

Silent Hill and Resident Evil speedruns are always fun to watch, and the Extra new game category for Silent Hill 3 is no different. Punchy is deft with controlling and maneuvering Heather through the tight corridors and weird camera angles, and it’s always fun to see both character and runner dressed up in fun costumes.