10 Incredibly Minor Things In Games That Piss Us Off

10 Incredibly Minor Things In Games That Piss Us Off
10 Incredibly Minor Things In Games That Piss Us Off

No game is perfect. There’s always something that’s annoying — the weapon durability in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the long grind to unlock the true ending in Batman: Arkham Knight, or constant updates rendering perfectly OP weapons into worthless junk in Destiny 2. Sometimes flaws just come with the territory in a video game. You can’t have a Final Fantasy game without random battles, after all.

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on incredibly minor things that just annoy us. Whether it’s text that’s way too small for subtitles, life counters that only go to 99 instead of 100, or character customization that forces you to wear a clownsuit instead of the gear you want — these are the minor annoyances that don’t really make the games that much worse, but they bug us anyway.

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10 Incredibly Minor Things In Games That Piss Us Off
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Connecting Online In Singleplayer Games

The convenience of the internet has a downside — more and more games want you to connect to the internet while you play. But we’re not talking about requirements. We’re just talking about the minor annoyances here. I hate waiting for games to connect to the internet when I’m just going to play singleplayer anyway.

Games like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, The Division 2, and even Watch Dogs: Legion all automatically connect to Ubisoft servers every single time you hop on. And Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t even (at release) have online features! All of these games, and many, many others can be played offline just fine, so it doesn’t ruin the experience. We just hate those 5-10 seconds of waiting.

10 Incredibly Minor Things In Games That Piss Us Off
These people won’t be hear for long.

Waiting Around To Talk To An NPC

Speaking of waiting, here’s another constant annoyance that pops up in plenty of Bethesda RPGs. Games like Fallout 3 / 4 and Skyrim have NPCs that follow schedules in their day-to-day lives. At night they go to bed, and during the day they go to their day job. It’s a cool system that gives you some options when you’re an awesome thief. You can sneak in during the day to rob them blind, or drink their blood at night while they sleeping.

But there’s a downside. Sometimes these NPCs wander around, and you have to wait for them to show up. Sometimes that involves constantly pressing that Wait button — jumping ahead 1 hour at a time until the NPC arrives at their daytime appointment. The struggle to find NPCs is real.

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