12 Best HITMAN Missions Ever

12 Best HITMAN Missions Ever
12 Best HITMAN Missions Ever

The quality of a Hitman game is directly proportional to the quality of its missions. If the missions are great, it’s a great Hitman game. With Hitman 3 so close on the horizon, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pick some of the best levels from the entire series history. We’re digging through the highs and lows of the Hitman franchise to pick the very best and most memorable missions.

I’ve been a Hitman fan since Hitman 2, when I begged for the game for my (way too young) birthday. Now I’m a bona fide Hitmaniac, with Silent Assassin ranks in every entry. The magic of Hitman isn’t just about sneaking into open-ended areas and killing your targets. What makes these games special is how to solve the puzzle each mission presents, and coming up with the best possible solution to off your prey.

The best levels in a Hitman game are like Rube Goldberg Machines — living worlds where events happen like clockwork, and it’s the Hitman’s job to find the best possible moment to intervene — and then strike. These are the missions that made us feel like Silent Assassins.

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12 Best HITMAN Missions Ever
12 Best HITMAN Missions Ever

#12: Chasing A Ghost [HITMAN 2]

Chasing A Ghost throws Agent 47 into one of the most elaborate and complex levels in the entire series — which is both a blessing and a curse. The massive India map features dim, packed slum alleyways and glittering towers side-by-side, and you’ll have to infiltrate both to complete the mission.

The most clever twist comes in the form of the Maelstrom. The shadowy figure has no known location or face — you’ll have to follow leads and explore the slums to zero in on his guarded location. You really get to feel like a detective as you figure out which of several look-a-likes is your true target.

Then there are the wonderfully creative mission stories. One allows you to help a bumbling assassin take out all three of your targets for you! Then there are incredibly creative little touches; like you can signal your targets to trigger special events by planting different colored dyes into a machine. There’s so much detail in this one level, we just can’t help but put it on the list.

12 Best HITMAN Missions Ever
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#11: Beldingford Manor [Hitman 3: Contracts]

One of my favorite missions for the aesthetic alone, Beldingford Manor places Agent 47 in an old-world mansion replete with classy drawing rooms and stonework walls. Sneaking through the English gardens at night is awesome, and discovering the myriad criss-crossing hidden passages in the mansion itself makes you feel like you’re in a real-life Clue murder mystery.

There are multiple ways to take out your target while he’s asleep — and any chance for Agent 47 to play Butler is a good time. Poisoning brandy in the basement or luring the Hunting Party outside and firing a shot while everyone is distracting — these are the hallmarks of an awesome level. I just love being able to fully explore the grounds and mansion. Anytime you’re given that much freedom, I know it’s going to be a great level.

And it appears this level might become completely obsolete in HITMAN 3. There’s a new English mansion with a real murder mystery mission story! I might have to revise my list.

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