2020 WWE Wrestlemania Night 1 Review: Live Results & Reactions For The Biggest Show Of 2020

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross via pinfall

Mat: Right off the bat, these four wrestlers are already bringing a lot of energy to the match, compared to Gulak/Cesaro. Everyone is turned up to 11, and I love it. Yes, Asuka and Kairi, I love it when you both just start yelling at random moments. It works so well for matches like this.

While the Women’s Tag Team Championships may be underutilized and at times, and often feel like they don’t matter at all, it’s undeniable that everyone in this match is performing at a top level. The back and forth between them all and the way these teams work together is what tag team wrestling is all about.

I have completely forgotten about the fact there is no audience, no chanting, no cheers or boos. This may be the first time for these empty arena shows where I am utterly engrossed with the in-ring action. Everyone gets a moment to shine, and this match from start to finish is a blast. And we got to see a title change to a duo that is more than worthy of holding the titles. I want this feud to continue because it works so well.


Chris: Not even a pandemic can make WWE stop using the weird giant CGI additions to ring entrances. Honestly, though, they help here. The massive Asuka masks hovering at ringside add a splash of weird fun to the Kabuki Warriors entrance. In situations like this, I’m all for WWE leaning into the strange.

Honestly, I’m not sure you could find a more entertaining quartet of wrestlers on WWE’s roster at this point, and they’re all very fun to watch together. Asuka and Kairi Sane have really found their sweet spot as incredibly loud feels, while the Bliss and Cross friendship is still engaging to me. What’s more, they’re all incredibly talented in the ring.

This is the kind of action we should be getting weekly surrounding the Women’s Tag Team Championships, but sadly we just don’t. All four of these women got to shine with their signature offense, and without a crowd there, the charisma was turned up even more leading to a truly fun and exciting bout. Plus, Alexa and Nikki won the titles, which is a fun way to kick off the show. That said, the Kabuki Warriors are too awesome to split up now, so hopefully, they come for a rematch and we get to see this bout again, maybe even on a bigger stage next time.

I mean this sincerely: I wish the rest of the show luck in following this bout. These four knew exactly how to play within the confines they were given and make it seem even bigger and better.