5 Isekai Anime That’ll Make You Want to be Transported to Another World

Devil is a Part-Timer

devil is a part-timer, anime
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

Pretty much the entirety of the Isekai genre is built up around the trope of someone being transported from the real world to one of fantasy in order to live out their greatest fantasies. Devil is a Part-Timer does the exact opposite, taking characters from a magical world and placing them in our own mundane reality. 

What follows is an interesting story of adapting to your environment, as both the Demons and Heroes alike find themselves confused about how to live their day-to-day lives without the help of magic. To survive, they need to get real jobs, learn responsibilities like accounting, and try not to murder each other. 

As far as Isekai goes, Devil is a Part-Timer is definetly one of the funniest and most unique ones you’ll ever see. It’s honestly more like a sitcom than it is an Isekai. 

With season 2 just getting announced, there is no better time to transport yourself into this world. 

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