A Website Will Pay Someone To Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You may have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for months and perfected your idyllic island life, but now you can enter for a chance to do so while getting paid. A website is offering a “dream job” contest that will pay actual money to some lucky villager for playing 50 hours of the popular game.

The site,, is an Internet provider comparison tool, and the contest ostensibly revolves around testing your Internet connection–but New Horizons isn’t exactly known for pushing your fiber connection to the limit. The grand prize is the “job” of playing 50 hours of Animal Crossing within about a month, at which point you’ll get paid $1000–or $20 per hour for something you were probably going to do anyway.

The full contest rules note that in this job you’ll be considered an independent contractor, so you’re not actually getting hired on by the site. You’ll need to be 18 or older and a legal US resident. Plus you need to provide your own Nintendo Switch and game, and obviously, the contest isn’t affiliated with Nintendo.

This is clearly a marketing stunt, so you’ll also need to give your email address and upload/download speeds to fill out the entry form. You can probably expect that information to be used somehow, at the very least in a mailing list, so make your peace with that if you plan to sign up.

If you want to dive into Animal Crossing–for free or otherwise–now is a good time to do it. The game just issued its big summer update, which introduced swimming and diving for precious new items. It’s the first of two planned summer updates, with the second to come in August.

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