AHS: Freak Show – Episode 6 “Bullseye” Breakdown

With the Tattler twins out of the picture, Elsa Mars ditches singing for an old hobby of hers: knife throwing. This will definitely end well. Everyone at the Freak Show is concerned with Bette and Dot’s disappearance, little do they know that Elsa sold them off to the Mott family.

Speaking of the Tattlers, they aren’t getting along in their new digs. Believe it or not, Bette actually likes Dandy, while Dot despises every bit of him. Dandy teases Dot with the idea of surgery.

Meanwhile, Elsa’s birthday week is a bit rocky. She discovers that her (secret) lover Paul was also seeing Penny. Paul then volunteers to have knives thrown at him. This, too, does not end well.

Our favorite character Ma Petite was almost killed off, and we nearly broke our televisions at the mere thought of such a horrible tragedy.