AHS Hotel Episode 5 “Room Service” Breakdown

It’s time to add vampire children to your phobia list. In Episode 5 of American Horror Story ‘Hotel,’ blood transfusions have been taken to a whole new level. We also find out what’s worse: bloodthirsty vampire kids or influencers demanding discounted hotel rooms.

Sure, Alex Lowe may have saved a child’s life but she also created an army of vampire children which cost a handful of lives. Meanwhile, her soon-to-be ex-hubby John Lowe hasn’t had it together since Holden was abducted and actually files an official police report about his Devil’s Night encounter at the Hotel Cortez? Why John, why?

But the best part of this episode when The Countess takes Nick Pryor under her wing and gives him the motivation to become the hotel goddess Liz Taylor. And now that Iris has joined the eternal life club alongside Donovan, she can finally make the best of her nights with a tall glass of blood and triple sec courtesy of Liz.