AHS Hotel Episode 6 “Room 33” Breakdown

We already know Room 64 is no fun but what could possibly go wrong in Room 33? Apparently– everything! In Episode 6 of American Horror Story Hotel, we meet another invincible vampire baby. This guy is very hungry.

Meanwhile, John Lowe just can’t seem to catch a break. He stumbles onto crime scenes, gets drugged by his ex-wife, and his vampire son continues to play with his emotions. His poor daughter, Scarlett, doesn’t know what to think anymore.

Vampires seem to be the only ones with cell phone reception at Hotel Cortez. Not only do they have reception, they also have high libido. We also get a flashback to the 1920s, when The Countess aka Elizabeth Johnson visited the Murder House.

Finally, Ramona starts her revenge tour by attempting to take down the vampire children but Donovan had better plans involving Elizabeth’s lingerie. In other news, Bartholomew, can withstand the most powerful of enemies, even without being fully formed.