Amazon delaying ‘nonessential’ shipments to focus on coronavirus needs

If you have a game for pre-order with Amazon, you may want to check again, because the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak is leading to the retailer delaying ‘nonessential’ shipments for the immediate future.

Undeniably, the biggest story in the world continues to be the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. It has essentially brought life as everyone knows it to a screeching halt, as nations scramble to protect themselves and others by stopping the virus from spreading any further. For many across the United States, it has led to the closure of businesses, while many more have been confined to their homes in the name of social distancing. Some might interpret this as, “Well, at least we can stay home and play video games, right? When is that Amazon shipment coming in?” Those people may want to sit down for this. With Amazon dealing with an unprecedented demand for essentials, that means the billion-dollar monolith is working to help fulfill millions of orders. That means nonessentials are taking a back seat, including your video game orders, which may now be delayed.

Among those noticing the delay are the folks at Cheapassgamer. They have been among many who have received notifications that a number of games that they’ve pre-ordered are suddenly delayed. That’s because Amazon is working to meet the demand for essentials, specifically groceries, beauty and personal care items, baby products, health and household items, industrial and scientific items, and pet supplies. According to Business Insider, Amazon sent out a memo on Tuesday informing sellers and vendors that it would prioritize shipments of those aforementioned essentials. Since video games are most definitely not classified as essentials, that means they are now subject to delay. And it appears that games like Final Fantasy VII Remake are being hit with shipping delays.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is among the games being hit with shipping delays by Amazon

Here is the note, as obtained by Business Insider:

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