Among Us: How To Use Proximity Chat

Among Us: How To Use Proximity Chat
Among Us: How To Use Proximity Chat

The big new development to Among Us has spread fast across Twitch and Youtube — and it is called proximity chat. The big question I had immediately was; how do I get it?

First of all, proximity chat isn’t an official feature. This is actually a mod-only addition to the game. If you want to use it with your friends, you’ll all have to install it together. Thankfully the process is super simple. If you want to add a new layer of terror and suspicion to Among Us, proximity chat is a pretty dang good option.

Don’t have anyone to play proximity chat with? Don’t worry. You can connect with other mod-enabled players on Discord through Proximity-Chat public servers. You can plan games and play with other like-minded weirdos that want a more hardcore experience.

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The Proximity Chat Mod is called CrewLink, developed by Modder ottomated. This madman also appears to have created a NES emulator in Java — but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to Proximity Chat in Among Us.

After installing, run the CrewLink-Setup-2.0.1.exe to install. Open the CrewLink application before starting up Among Us and adjust the settings, and let it run in the background.

The 2.0.1 release supports Steam, Microsoft Store, and Epic Games Store — and includes an in-game overlay so you can change settings on the fly. There are also some cool features you can toggle on / off like Imposters can hear ghosts, and sabotaging comms disables voice. There’s even an effect that muffles your voice while you’re in a vent. That’s a nice little touch.