‘Angry Birds’ Developer is Hiring: Check Out the Nordic Lifestyle and Work Culture at Rovio

Yumi Oishi is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Rovio’s Finland headquarters, a role she has held for two years after working for Google in Japan and Switzerland. She works to find the best potential candidates to join Rovio’s ambitious teams. Yumi and her team also work with Rovio’s new joiners, who come from all over the world, helping to make the transition to life in the Nordics, and at Rovio, as smooth as possible.

Rovio is of course best known as the company behind Angry Birds, but we’re expanding and working on tons of exciting initiatives – both Angry Birds games and new IP. With over 40 open positions at our game studios in Espoo, Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden, we have opportunities for candidates from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets.

Having previously worked at Google in Japan and Switzerland, what I’ve found at Rovio is a dynamic, ambitious group of people that makes for a truly special workplace. There’s tremendous support for employees to focus on their passion, and they’re given the necessary resources to grow. There’s also a strong mix of international and local talent here, which results in a fun, quirky work atmosphere you don’t see at many other companies!

One of the things that makes working at Rovio unique is Nordic culture itself. Lifestyle is a huge emphasis in the Nordics, and people here are very holistic and focused on pursuits outside of work. This results in an environment that encourages study leaves, hobbies, cultural activities, or simply exploring whatever interests you. Compared to other places, it’s refreshing to see the value placed on life outside of work here.

If you do relocate to our studios in Finland or Sweden, Rovio provides a wealth of resources to make the transition as easy as possible. In addition to covering all moving costs, Rovio helps new employees find housing, set up utilities, and get acclimated. Since we have so many international employees, we even have a dedicated HR person and a relocation agency supporting new staff with the relocation process.

If life at Rovio sounds interesting, give us a shout! Whether you have background in games or not, don’t be afraid to reach out. We’re a friendly group, and each of us can gain from having a quick chat!

Head over to to learn more about what Rovio has to offer, and feel free to get in touch with our senior recruiter Alexei Ryan on LinkedIn for any questions you may have.

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