Animal Crossing: New Horizons Campsite Unlock Guide — How To Invite New Villagers To Your Island

In a bid to attract more residents to the island, Tom Nook asks you to help construct a campsite for the town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This immediately follows the completion of the Resident Services building once you enter for the first time post-construction. Once you have a campsite, random villagers may come to visit, and from there you can even invite them to move to your island. The campsite is also integral to Amiibo integration, which we detail below.

Below we explain how to unlock the campsite on your island. If you’re curious about how to unlock or upgrade other buildings and more, be sure to check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub. Otherwise, be sure to read our review in progress.

How To Unlock The Campsite

Tom Nook will ask you to figure out where you want the campsite to be, so go out and find the perfect place you want visiting villagers to commune and set up their tents. Like with most other buildings, after you’ve placed the campsite plans down on your island, construction will begin the next day and will take the entire day to complete. Once it has been completed, it’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee that a villager will visit right away.

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When a villager is visiting your campsite, you can talk to them and even invite them to move to your island (though they may say no). Also, if you have Animal Crossing Amiibo or Amiibo cards, you can use them at the Nook Stop machine in the Resident Services building to invite its associated villager to visit the campsite on your island–we unlocked this feature after the first villager who came to the campsite officially moved to the island.

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