Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gullivarrr Guide And All Pirate Items

Part one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ summer update has arrived, and it’s brought a brand-new special visitor: Gullivarrr! Although it’s just Gulliver doing pirate cosplay, he offers a different set of prizes than when he visits as regular Gulliver–and while Gullivarrr also requires your help getting back to his (pirate) ship, helping him works differently, too. It’s less confusing than it sounds!

Gullivarrr is a separate visitor from Gulliver, and according to dataminer Ninji, you can get both of them in the same week–just not on consecutive days. Gullivarrr’s appearance is random, but you do need to have purchased a wet suit (from Nook’s Cranny or via Nook Shopping) before he’ll visit.

Drink good soda responsibly, I guess.
Drink good soda responsibly, I guess.

When And Where Does Gullivarrr Show Up?

Gullivarrr is one of the random visitors in New Horizons, which means he can show up on any given weekday. You can see our Animal Crossing special visitors guide for more details about visiting NPCs and their prerequisites.

If Gullivarrr is around, he’ll be somewhere on your beach, and you’ll need to wake him up (by talking to him with A). He’ll be around all day long, so there’s no huge rush. Once you’ve talked to him, he’ll ask for your help.

How To Find Gullivarrr’s Communicator

  • Requires: 1 x wet suit

While Gulliver will have you combing the beach for five different communicator parts, his alter-ego Gullivarrr will ask you to look for his communicator in one piece–the catch is that it’s somewhere in the ocean. You’ll need a wet suit in order to find and return his communicator; see our guide on how to swim in New Horizons if you aren’t sure how to use it.

You can find the communicator the way you would any sea creature: Swim until you find bubbles floating to the surface, then dive to retrieve what’s below. The communicator has a small-sized shadow and shouldn’t take you more than a few tries to find. When you have it, make sure you return it to Gullivarrr, who will send you a gift in the mail the next day.

All Pirate Items (Gullivarrr Rewards)

Below is a list of all the pirate-themed furniture and clothing items you can receive from Gullivarrr as a reward for helping him (via GameFAQs’ Animal Crossing: New Horizons catalog). Items marked with an asterisk (*) have multiple color variants.

  • Pirate barrel
  • Sideways pirate barrel
  • Pirate-ship cannon
  • Pirate-ship helm
  • Pirate-treasure chest
  • Pirate-treasure crown
  • Pirate-treasure robe
  • Pirate’s hat
  • Pirate bandanna*
  • Pirate eye patch
  • Pirate beard
  • Pirate dress*
  • Pirate outfit*
  • Pirate pants
  • Pirate boots
  • Pirate wall
  • Pirate flooring
  • Pirate rug

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