Animal Crossing Players Have Found An Ingenious Way To Play Rugby

While you may not have touched Animal Crossing: New Horizons since you let your last batch of turnips rot, plenty of players are still using the game as a replacement for real-world activities. In this case, a group of players have found an interesting way to play a game of rugby, despite the game’s lack of a kickable ball.

In a video by Youtuber @kaicho_beda, a player stands in for the ball as the other players crowd around, trying to push them across the goal line on other side. The video’s poster also acts as the game’s commentator–similar to other videos on Tik Tok and YouTube where they act as an “announcer” over the top of various scenes out of Animal Crossing.

While this style of sport is unlikely to replace any real-life leagues, it’s a clever way to play, with the “ball” also able to act as ref and as the perfect action camera. If you still have six friends actively playing the game, you too can put together your own game of rugby–but why stop there? Anyone up for some hockey? Tennis? Basketball?

If sports aren’t your thing, check out everything that’s been added in the game’s second summer update, including a handful of exclusive seasonal items that will only be available until the end of the month.

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