Another Steam Game Festival Is Coming In October

The Steam Game Festival may be the only gaming-related show to have added extra dates instead of cancelling this year–and Geoff Keighley has just announced yet another edition of the online-only game festival will be gracing our screens before the end of the year.

The very first iteration of the Steam Game Festival was launched to coincide with Keighley’s Game Awards in December 2019, with the idea being to replicate the concept of a physical trade show even before the pandemic made such online events a necessity. Two more of the online events ran this year, with the first running when GDC should have taken place in March, and the Summer Game Festival running in June when E3 would have happened.

Now, the Steam Fall Games Festival will run from October 7 to 13, giving Steam users a chance to play free demos of upcoming games–usually comprised of games which are planning to release on Steam within the next year.

While nothing has yet been announced about the fate of Keighley’s Game Awards for 2020, we may get yet another iteration of the Steam Game Festival running alongside that event in December again this year.

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