Apex Legends – Anniversary Collection Event Returns

The battle royale shooter celebrates two years with returning cosmetics.

Apex Legends - Anniversary Collection Event

When Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends debuted two years ago, no one expected it to blow up in such a fashion. Now, after multiple seasons and numerous new Legends added, it’s grown into one of the best battle royale shooters out there. To celebrate, the Anniversary Collection Event has made a return and will run from February 9th to February 23rd.

A snazzy new trailer with Mirage and Crypto hypes the return of fan-favorite cosmetics, recolored in red and gold. Locked and Loaded also returns as a playlist Takeover. In terms of rewards, there are 22 items to earn with two Event Packs and 10 Apex Packs included.

For those seeking a Heirloom, receiving all items from the event will provide 150 Heirloom Shards. This can be used to unlock any Heirloom item, granting more choice. All items have also had their crafting cost reduced by 50 percent for the event’s duration. Apex Legends is currently available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC with Season 8: Mayhem recently kicking off. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9th.