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Apex Legends: Escape Patch Notes Revealed

Apex Legends

Photo by EA

With Apex Legends: Escape being days away, EA has revealed patch notes just before we are able to get our hands on the new season.

Along with the exciting reveal of the new character, Ash, we also see some changes to current characters already in the game.


“A new Legend with a familiar face, Ash has overseen the Arenas from the shadows and held a tight grip on Pathfinder’s heart. A simulacrum made from the woman who once was Dr. Ashleigh Reid, Ash is determined to eliminate every trace of weakness that held her back as a human.. Detecting death wherever she goes, spearing enemies with electric snares that lock them in place, tearing through space to take more lives– it would be easy to think that there was nothing human left within that cold steel.”

Photo by EA

Passive: Marked for Death
Ash’s map shows the location of recent deathboxes. She gets a special prompt on a deathbox, use it to mark surviving attackers (once per box).

Tactical: Arc Snare
Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.

Ultimate: Phase Breach
Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location. This portal stays open for a short time, during which anyone can use it.

“This beautiful oasis was once an energy colony for the IMC, and the ruins remain. Many have tried to make a home here: all have failed. A survey of the area revealed the remains of three unique settlements built across the centuries, but no survivors. The colony lay abandoned, only visited by the occasional pirate or castaway. Now the Mercenary Syndicate has plans of their own for Storm Point.”

“After the Escape Update, the map rotation will go back down to two maps; Storm Point and World’s Edge. Storm Point is the newest map introduced into the game.”

“With the introduction of Encore, the Arenas Map Rotation will only include custom-made Arenas Maps. BR locations will not be used in the Escape update.”

“When you’re in a precarious place, you need a dangerous, flexible weapon: meet the C.A.R. SMG. The Combat Advanced Round submachine gun is a fully automatic weapon that takes adaptability to the next level by accepting either Light or Heavy mags. The C.A.R. hits hard but handles light, this hybrid weapon’s the best of both worlds for when you’re ready to take a stand and become the most dangerous thing on the island.”


Tactical – Perimeter Defense

Ultimate – Interception Pylon


Prowler health across the game has gone up from 90 to 114 (Storm Point and World’s Edge)

Prowlers on World’s Edge and Flyers on Kings Canyon now reward EVO points (25%) … all damage done to AI now rewards progress to your EVO armor


Blue 125 → 150

Purple 200 → 250


Blue 75 → 50

Purple 150 → 125


Base 200 → 150

White 150 → 100

Blue 250 → 200


Base 500 → 400

Blue 300 → 350

Purple 400 → 350


Base 500 → 450

Blue 250 → 300

Purple 300 → 350

Base 500 –> 450

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