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Apex Legends: Escape Season 11 Legend Changes

Apex Legends

Image provided by Respawn Entertainment.

Image provided by Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends: Escape is almost here, and a new patch for the game has been implemented in preparation for its release. Here are the changes made to the Legends themselves in this update!

Apex Legends: Escape is the upcoming eleventh season for the popular online shooter. Like every season, this new update will introduce a plethora of new content for fans to enjoy, like a new map, a new Legend, and some new weapons. In addition to new content, aspects of the game have been reworked and rebalanced, and usually, the Legends themselves are a constant work-in-progress.

This time around, Wattson is the only Legend that will be receiving changes. While she’s the only one who is adjusted in this specific patch, the patch notes read that more Legends will be receiving updates in the near future.

Wattson has received a general rebalancing, alongside her defensive capabilities and her Ultimate usage. Here are the patch notes detailing the changes, which can be viewed in their entirety on the official Apex Legends blog.

General Changes

Tactical Changes

Ultimate Changes

Overall, it seems that Wattson will be receiving buffs, likely to compensate for the game’s new meta when Escape launches. Players interested in all of the other changes coming in Season 11 are encouraged to visit the patch notes.

Apex Legends: Escape launches on all platforms on Nov. 2.

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