Apocalyptic City Builder Endzone: A World Apart Gets Early Access Release Date

Endzone: A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic settlement building game from German developer Gentlymad Studios. The game is set 150 years after a nuclear apocalypse, setting the player up as the leader of a group sent to recolonize Earth after living in underground bunkers called Endzones.

The hostile management sim tasks players with building a new settlement on the radiation-ravaged Earth, gathering resources to sustain it and surviving threats including droughts, sandstorms, toxic rain, and the latent radioactivity lurking in the ground.

With radiation being key to the themes of the game, Endzone has an in-depth system to manage it. Each tile has its own radiation level, and these can change over time with events like sandstorms.

Gentlymad has announced that the game will enter Early Access on April 3 via Steam, and released a new trailer showcasing some of the intricacies of the radiation system.

Players can get access to the closed beta right now by pre-ordering the game, or wishlist it on Steam before the Early Access release drops.

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