Award-Winning Interactive Story ‘Shadow of Naught’ is Launching on iOS and Android August 18th

We’ve been enjoying the work of Fredbear Games on mobile for a number of years now, but for the past year or so they’ve been head down working with Taawoos Studios to bring their award-winning interactive story adventure Shadow of Naught to mobile platforms. The game originally started as a game jam project back in 2017 and actually won the Colossal Leap Award at Adventure Jam 2017. Shadow of Naught is a story that follows three different characters, Martin, Anna and Andrew, and it touches on some pretty heavy topics such as mental health and suicide. Its compelling storytelling led Shadow of Naught to win a whopping 4 awards at IMGA MENA last fall, including Best Meaningful Play, Excellence in Storytelling, Best Upcoming Game, and the overall Grand Prix award. It was also nominated for the 16th IMGA Global awards for Best Mobile Game. Critics really like this one! Check out the trailer for Shadow of Naught.

Back in March Shadow of Naught launched in Early Access on the Google Play Store for Android, and the developers have been taking in feedback from that early launch ever since. Now they’re finally ready to commit to an official release date for both Android and iOS, and it’ll be arriving one week from today on August 18th. Shadow of Naught will tell a multi-layered story about its characters Martin, Andrew, and Anna as you learn more about each one on a personal level, and play various types of mini-games to help explain what’s happening in the story in an interactive way. I am totally in love with the art style already, and I love story-driven experiences like this and think they’re a great fit for the touchscreen. If you feel similarly then check out Shadow of Naught when it arrives next week as a premium release at a price of $2.99.