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Back 4 Blood Developers Working on Vote to Kick Option

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Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood launched a little over two weeks ago on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and quickly gained a large player base. Recently, that player base surpassed over 6 million players, continuing its speedy growth.

Unfortunately, with the boom in players come some people who gain their fun by ruining the experience of others, more commonly known as griefing. Turtle Rock Studios is well aware of this issue and actively working to address it.

Turtle Rock Studio announced they are working on a vote to kick option in Back 4 Blood according to an article published on Tuesday, Oct. 27 by GamesRadar. Turtle Rock Studios’ statement came in response to rising instances of griefing, resulting in high player demand for such a feature.

They did warn players that they would need some time to ensure their “kick and/or vote to kick function for multiplayer sessions,” or something of a similar nature, was done properly.

A representative for Turtle Rock Studios explained “We hope the community understands there are significant design and player experience considerations associated with such a feature (reward considerations for kicked players, potential for griefing in the opposite direction, continued management, etc.), ” They also said “We are absolutely aware of it and absolutely working on it. We cannot, however, provide an immediate and accurate ETA as we must ensure the design and implementation is tight.”

So, while a vote to kick feature will be coming to Back 4 Blood, players will have to remain patient while Turtle Rock Studios hammers out the details.

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