Black Desert Adds A New Playable Class On Console

While Black Desert on PS4 and Xbox One is still far behind the PC’s Black Desert Online in terms of content updates, big steps are being taken to catch these versions up. The latest of these updates brings the Maehwa class, which is focused on a combination of melee and ranged combat, to Xbox One and PS4 for the first time.

The Maehwa was an orphaned child, raised by a high-ranking military official. Under his eye she trained her whole life to become a deadly fighter, eventually mastering the legendary blue flames of the Crescent Petal. Wielding the Kerispear, a long polearm, she fights with a mix of close range melee and ranged combat, using her blue flames for ranged attacks.

The Maehwa will be launched with both her original and Awakening skills:

  • The Divider Skill – A charge attack where the Maehwa rushes forward and cuts down her enemies.
  • Chaos: Red Moon – Embodies the Maehwa with the power of the Red Moon, allowing her to evade enemy detection and attack an enemy flank.
  • Petal Bloom – The Maehwa can channel an icy aura into her Kerispear, launching the aura into an enemy with a strong thrust.
  • Frost Pillars – Maehwa causes her enemies to become slowed with an ice attack.

The Maehwa is currently available on Xbox One and PS4 as a free update. Players can play as the Maehwa on the all new cross-play servers as well, which means that friends with different consoles can start a new campaign together.

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