Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide | How To Complete Every Step

Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide | How To Complete Every Step
Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide | How To Complete Every Step

It didn’t take too long, did it? The Call of Duty: Zombies community figured out how to solve the secret Easter egg quest in Die Maschine relatively quickly — and there’s a good reason for that. It isn’t too difficult!

This is still recommended only for hardcore Zombies players, but the steps are much more straightforward. If you’re working with a dedicated four-player team, this secret quest might just be possible.

We’ll get into all the details for this huge quest below. There’s still a lot of secrets, so it’s pretty unlikely you’ll figure out everything all on your own — especially when there’s an endless horde of zombies spawning in.

How To Complete The Main Easter Egg Quest | Die Maschine Map Guide

Before you can begin this Easter egg, there are some secrets you need to know. These steps can be completed in any order, or completed while you’re doing other things — but they’re all important to the process.

  • What You Need To Know: Easter Egg Quest

Those four steps are required to complete the Easter egg. Unlocking the Pack-A-Punch is simple — just follow the waypoints.

  • NOTE: Alternatively, you can acquire the D.I.E. Shockwave by finding it randomly in a Mystery Box. The odds are low, but it is possible.

Step #1: Give Diaries To The 3 Dark Aether Ghosts

  • NOTE: The D.I.E. Machine Wonder Weapons are NOT required for this step. You will need them and the upgraded variants for Step 2.

Return to the Dark Aether once you have the Aether Scope. You’ll find a ghost spawn in three rooms of the Facility. Collect the Diary in the Medical Bay on the desk with the computer — and three anomalies will spawn.

Interact with the floating blue orb and a ghost will spawn. Find the ghosts in the following locations in the Facility.

  • Medical Bay: On the lower floor, to the left as you enter from the Facility. Directly under the office with the diary.
  • Control Room: To the right as you enter the Control Room from the Facility.
  • Particle Accelerator: Next to the workbench.

You’ll need to visit all three ghosts before exiting the Dark Aether, so rush to each ghost and don’t listen to their dialogue.

Step #2: Activate The Medical Bay Device & Blast It With Elemental Power

  • NOTE: Before beginning this step, make sure to collect the D.I.E. Shockwave. We’ll complete the variant upgades during this step.

After activating the three ghosts, return to the Medical Bay and find the desk where you found the diary / ledger from earlier. Interact with the computer here to input a password and reactivate the tube-like device.

The tube-like device will begin glowing purple. Now you’ll need to unlock the enhanced versions of the D.I.E. Shockwave Wonder Weapon and use them on this tube.

To complete the tube-like device step, you need to shoot the four lowered cylinders on the four sides of the tube-device with an upgraded Wonder Weapon. Each time you unlock a Wonder Weapon upgrade, run to the tube-device and shoot all four lowered canisters until one rises up. Once it rises up, it is permanently activated.

Shoot the device with all four Wonder Weapon upgrades to complete the step. Shooting the device is easy. The hard part is getting all four Wonder Weapon variants.

Step #3: Repairing The Tank & Collecting The Recontamination Agent

With the device charged with all types of Wonder Weapon energy, return to the Dark Aether through a portal that appears between the Medical Bay and Particle Accelerator. Go upstairs to the balcony outside the office and interact with another ghost orb.

Interacting with the ghost orb will cause another scene to play out. You don’t have to watch — just return to the normal dimension and collect the Dark Aether Wrench in the Medical Bay where the ghosts were summoned.

Next, go to the wrecked tank in the Yard (Spawn)interact with four broken sections of the tank to repair it with the Dark Aether Wrench.

  • After repairing the tank, a zombie will appear on the tank’s turret. Shoot it to clear the way.
  • Now throw a Semtex grenade (you can craft one at any Workbench) or a Frag grenade at the open lid of the tank. You can hit the hatch with semtex, or throw a frag into the tank itself.
  • Either way, the tank will fire a shell and destroy a tree downrange.

Go to the Crash Site to find the destroyed tree. On the ground next to the base of the tree, through the Bedroom door, you’ll find the Decontamination Agent. Pick this item up!

Step #4: Insert The Decontamination Agent & Charge The Device With A Megaton

Return to the Medical Bay and insert the Decontamination Agent into the glowing red slot. The Decontamination Agent takes up your weapon slot while you’re holding it, so get your friends to protect you against the Plaguehounds that spawn.

The red slot is located on the balcony of the Medical Bay, where the Dark Aether Wrench / ghost conversation appeared.

The computer will then request a subject for the glowing canister / tube device in the Medical Bay. To complete this step, you need to lure a Megaton boss under the Medical Bay device. Damage it until it splits into two zombies, then lure the split versions under the device.

They’ll get sucked into the device — and complete this step. There’s only one step left to reach the final boss.

Step #5: Unlocking The Boss

Go upstairs in the Medical Bay and all players must interact with the red computer you used previously. This begins a lockdown event that spawns many Megaton mini-bosses and Plaguehounds. Run back to the exterior to clear them out.

Now you can access the final boss encounter. To fight it, interact with the Dark Aether portal in the Nacht Der Untoten area.

NOTE: You’ll want to be prepared. Craft Cymbal Monkeys, turrets, Warmachines, Decoys, Stims, and anything else that will keep you alive. The boss fight is very difficult.

Step #6: The Final Step

In the Dark Aether, enter the Omega Outpost and interact with the ghost orb in the corner, then return to the normal dimension. Return to the Omega Outpost and interact with the photo on the ground where the ghost spawned. Picking up the photo will initiate the final boss.

For the boss, your goal is to protect Orlov as he destroys the Particle Accelerator at three different points. Zombies, Megatons and Plaguehounds will spawn constantly so you’ll need to protect him to speed-up the process. As long as he’s attacked, he’ll be interrupted and this will take longer.

Complete all three phases and you’ll exit the Dark Aether. You have 1:30 to escape to the Yard (Spawn) and exfiltrate from the level. Watch out for the lightning beams on your way out — they’re extremely damaging.

For completing the Easter egg, you’ll earn the “Seal The Deal” achievement / trophy.

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