Bleeding Edge launch trailer brings the chaos

Bleeding Edge is about to make its debut very soon, and its launch trailer certainly makes it look like an exciting affair.

Bleeding Edge looks like an intriguing and decadently violent adventure that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Ahead of its official debut, we got a look at the upcoming launch trailer, which goes a long way in showcasing just how chaotic and violent the game can truly be. In case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s Ninja Theory’s latest, and Bleeiding Edge should have a little something for everyone who jumps on to check it out. 

The game was insistent on blending melee combat with plenty of customization, as this is the team behind Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’s first exclusive for Microsoft following the company’s acquisition.

Our own Blake Morse had the opportunity to go hands-on with several of the game’s characters, including Daemon, Nidhoggr, El Bastardo, Gizmo, and Mekko. It looks like an exciting riff on the classic hero shooter, and we can’t wait to give it a try.

Does Bleeding Edge look like something you’d like to try out? Be sure you let us know if you’re excited to jump into when it debuts on March 24. 

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