Blightbound, Devolver’s Dark Dungeon Crawler, Is Coming To Steam Early Access This Month

Blightbound, a new multiplayer dungeon-crawler from Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games, is heading to Steam Early Access on July 29. The game, which will be showcased as part of the Devolver Digital Direct on July 11, will let you and two friends venture into the Blight and face the horrible monsters within.

The Blight is a mysterious fog that has spread over the game world, and as you might expect, various abominations have emerged from it. It can be played with local or online multiplayer, and there will be plenty of loot to acquire and new heroes to find and add to your roster of 20 playable characters. There will be puzzles to solve, too.

You can check out a video with a developer walkthrough below.

Over time you’ll be able to build up your mountaintop refuge, and there will be item crafting to enjoy too. There will be three different lands to conquer, each with unique dungeons: they’re called Gravemark, Underhold, and Blood Ridge.

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The game will encourage working together and figuring out how classes compliment each other, and you’ll need to be smart to overcome some of the game’s bosses.

A release date for the final version has not been announced yet. The game is, for now, exclusive to PC.

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