Blockchain Game Kronoverse Moves To Bitcoin SV: Creators Explain


The Blockchain game Kronoverse will move to Bitcoin SV as the creators of the game said they couldn’t wait for ETH 2.0. In the following Bitcoin SV news, we find out what exactly happened.

The creators of the blockchain game Kronoverse explained that the reason why they are moving from Ethereum to Bitcoin SV is the much-anticipated arrival of ETH 2.0. According to a recent official blog post, the creators said that they can no longer wait for the ETH 2.0 launch to solve the pressing scaling problems. The Kronoverse team aims to bring a game that will be interconnected metaverse of multiple disparate blockchain games. It was initially built on Ethereum-based Enjin but when the game becomes fully operational, it will require masses of microtransactions for the in-game items.

Kronoverse Blog Excrept
An Excerpt From the Kronoverse Blog

With the Ethereum network being in full capacity and transaction fees continuing to increase, the prospect of microtransactions seems impossible. The Kronoverse team said that they are trying an experiment of running one of the games on Ethereum and they stated:

 “After nearly a year of research and development, CryptoFights had a prototype running on Ethereum which combined aspects of IPFS, A Loom-network sidechain, Enjin based tokens, and token swaps on Ethereum. Yet this was not enough for us to get a fully operable product that we were happy with.”

The announcement stated that Ethereum was the initial candidate for the blockchain gaming network but while Ethereum offered a light-weight construction which is much cheaper than Bitcoin, the ETH fees become too high therefore cannot execute microtransactions:


 “Truthfully, the platform did show interesting promise as it was a developer’s playground of sorts, especially with juggernauts like the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance backing it. Fast forward four years later and many are still waiting for the global computer to deliver what was expected.”

Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin SV

The Koronoverse announcement also said that Bitcoin already got crippled enough by the refusal of the developers to increase the 1MB on-chain block size. Simply by overlooking Bitcoin Cash’s 8MB block size, the Kronoverse team aims to take advantage of the potential 1TB of Bitcoin SV block size in the future. According to the announcement:

 “Now imagine on Bitcoin SV where we have and will continue to have an ever-increasing block size: 1Gb, 100Gb, and 1Tb+ blocks.”

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