Blockchain Platform PlayDapp Launches New NFT Exchange for Gaming

PlayDapp, a Korean blockchain gaming platform that allows players to play blockchain-based games without spending cryptocurrency, has just launched a new platform called the “PlayDapp MarketPLAce.”

According to a press release from the group, this exchange is a non-fungible toke space for gamers to trade, sell, and purchase items required for the different games offered on PlayDapp.

As of now, the exchange is host to two games that can take advantage of this marketplace: CryptoDozer and DozerBird. Each has unique items with their own values and other forms of transaction. Not only this, but the items acquired in these games can transfer over to future titles as well.

Speaking on the matter is Choi Sungwone, the general manager of PlayDapp’s strategy department, who says:

“We are in talks with famous domestic and foreign developers to allow game items in the RPG genre to be traded through NFT through PlayDapp MarketPLAce in the future. We will take the lead in creating a healthy game culture by trading user-to-user items using blockchain technology and transparent game development companies will take the lead in creating a healthy game culture.”

Blockchain gaming is seen by many as one of the most accessible ways to bring users onto the technology. Of course, only time will tell if that’s to be the case, but blockchain-based games have brought in millions over the past few years.