Borderlands 3 Has A Limited Time Freebie If You Purchase On Steam

Borderlands 3 has made its way to Steam, six months after the game’s PC launch on the Epic Games Store. The game has arrived complete with a 50% discount, but that’s not the only incentive to pick it up right now–early adopters of the Steam version will also get some shiny free weapon skins.

The Gold Weapon Skins Pack is available now until April 1 through Steam. As long as you redeem the free DLC before then, you’ll get these skins to keep, and you’ll be able to apply a golden skin or trinket to every gun in the game.

This offer is only valid for a limited time, and you need to own the game to redeem the skins.

Borderlands 3 will receive its next major piece of paid DLC, Guns, Love, And Tentacles, on March 26. There’s a third DLC campaign expansion coming, too, and it will feature dinosaurs and outlaws.

Borderlands fans also have a movie to look forward to, which will be helmed by Hostel director Eli Roth. It does not have a release date set as of yet.

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