Budget Cuts PSVR Delayed Again, Now Coming September With A Brand New Level

Originally due for release this past May, the PSVR version of Budget Cuts just suffered another delay.

Neat Corp’s original VR stealth game has been a long time coming for Sony’s console. In March, we reported the game would arrive the following May but, a few days into that month Neat delayed it to July 10th. At the time the developer cited complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for the push back. Now, with a week to go before that new date, the game’s been delayed again, this time to September 25.

Budget Cuts Panopticon

But it’s not all bad news; the PSVR version of the game will also sport a new level named the Panopticon. In this newly-designed map (seen above), the player has a clear goal to reach, but a variety of ways to get there. “We wanted to encourage the player to pave their own path forward, either through brute force and action or through stealth and sneaking their way around in order to reach the center of the level,” designer Olle Axelsson wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

It’s a shame to see the game delayed again, but at least there’s a little extra content to sweet the deal. No word yet on if Neat will also bring last year’s sequel, Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency, to PSVR, nor if a Quest port could be on the cards after a PSVR release, but fingers crossed. Meanwhile, Neat also continues to deliver updates for its Early Access VR title, Garden of the Sea.