Butterscotch Shenanigans Launching Level Creation Platformer ‘Levelhead’ on April 30th

It was nearly two years ago to the day that we sat down with the fellas from Butterscotch Shenanigans during GDC 2018 to take a look at what they had cooking to follow up their previous release Crashlands, which was our Game of the Year back in 2016. The new game was called Levelhead and it was a precision platformer based heavily around the ability to create and share your own levels, similar to something like Super Mario Maker. The following May we got some new details and a new trailer, and then the following September we were shocked to show up at an Indie Showcase at Nintendo’s headquarters in Washington just prior to PAX West kicking off and see the Butterscotch brothers showcasing Levelhead amongst their peers. That’s right, this puppy was going multi-platform! We also met up with the lads later during PAX and were given a private demo of both the mobile and Nintendo Switch versions of Levelhead. All of that pre-release build-up led to the Early Access launch of Levelhead on Steam in April of last year, and here’s the trailer from that.

As everyone knows, any game that is heavily reliant on user-created content lives or dies based on whether they have a robust community behind it or not. Thankfully, the past year of Early Access for Levelhead has been a major success, with TONS of players discovering the game and digging heavily into what the game’s complex level editor is capable of. You can actually get even more info on what creating levels in Levelhead is all about by checking out this hugely entertaining trailer narrated by the sultry tones of Butterscotch’s own Sam Coster. Well, after nearly a year of Early Access and TONS of updates and user-created content since, Butterscotch has finally settled on an official release date for Levelhead. They are kind of known for their humorous trailers, and this release date announcement one is no exception.

As you can see, similar to how they swung for the fences with a huge simultaneous multi-platform release with Crashlands, they’re going for something similar with the launch of Levelhead. The game will be launching in 11 different languages across iOS, Android (including as part of Play Pass), Nintendo Switch (US, Europe, and Japan), Xbox (including on Game Pass and Windows Store), the Epic Games Store, and Steam. Phew! That also means the game will run the gamut of control interfaces with touchscreen, keyboard+mouse, and controller support. The pièce de résistance, however, is that due to Butterscotch’s work over the years of creating their own backend infrastructure, all your progress will be maintained seamlessly across all platforms in a feature they are dubbing CROSSPLATFORMINESS™. So no matter what platform you’re rocking (minus PlayStation, I guess) then you can get your Levelhead on and start creating the levels of your dreams when it officially launches on April 30th.