Call Of Duty: Warzone Solo Mode Now Available After New Update

While you can play Call of Duty: Warzone by yourself, and we certainly didn’t recommend that option when Modern Warfare‘s standalone battle royale experience first launched on March 10, Infinity Ward and Raven Software have released a full-fledged Solo mode across all platforms for those lone wolves out there.

As the name implies, Warzone’s Solo mode pits you against 149 other solo players on the game’s Verdansk map. All the normal battle royale rules apply, and both Buy Stations and the Gulag are accessible for players to gear up or fight for revival. Since you are all by your lonesome, Self-Revive Kits are littered throughout the map and available for purchase at Buy Stations to give you a second wind in case you get knocked down.

Warzone’s Solo mode will function like a large-scale free-for-all, where the last player standing takes all.

Despite launching only a week ago, Warzone already crossed more than 15 million players worldwide. Infinity Ward thanked fans for their support and said that the battle royale will eventually get 200-player matches.

Warzone’s new, dedicated Solo mode comes as part of Modern Warfare’s latest patch. The update addresses various bugs, refreshes the multiplayer mode’s playlist, fixes text issues, and more.

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