Cult RPG Dandy Dungeon Gets A Free Sequel Update And A Discount Soon

Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada, a fascinating and strange RPG about a mid-30s programmer who hates his job and is trying to create his own game, is getting a sequel–sort of. An upcoming update on April 2 will transform the game into Dandy Dungeon II: The Phantom Bride, which will offer a new conclusion for the PC and Switch game.

In Dandy Dungeon, players draw lines to move the protagonist, Yamada, through the dungeons of the game he’s building himself. Yamada is in love with his neighbor, Maria, who he adds into his game as a princess that he must rescue. The game has been praised for its fun dungeons, original gameplay, and weird sense of humor.

The sequel update, outlined on the game’s official website, will be completely free for all owners of the game. It’ll add 90 new dungeon types, 560 new sets of weapons and armor, and over 260 new enemies, as well as the new 99-floor Heaven’s Door dungeon. It’s a bit update, then.

Here’s a trailer to let you know what to expect.

The game will be discounted by 30% from April 2 as well, so new players can jump into the expanded game at a reduced price. This discount will apply to both the PC and Switch versions.

Dandy Dungeon is by Onion Games, which is working on the Switch version of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure.

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