Danganronpa 2 Has Brought Its Deadly Trials To iOS And Android

Danganronpa 2 has followed the first game and come to mobile devices. The sequel, which follows on directly from the original (which you’ll definitely want to play first), is now available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. It costs $16, and the controls have been optimized for touch screens.

Whereas the first game was set inside a school, the second takes place on a tropical resort, and goes to some very weird places across its story. The player character, Hajime Hinata, has amnesia, and part of the story involves piecing his memories back together. Some characters from the first game also return.

Without spoiling too much, if you like the first game, this one is perhaps even better–and weirder. As before, it’s split between first-person adventure-style segments and trials, where you try to solve the murders of your fellow students.

For more information, check out GameSpot’s 8/10 review of the PS Vita version. Danganronpa V3 is set to follow with a mobile release at a later date.

Some of the Danganronpa titles will soon be unavailable to purchase on PS Vita and PS4, but hopefully not for long–Spike Chunsoft has recently taken over the series’ publishing rights.

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