Darius Collections Are Coming To Switch And PS4, Bringing Multiple Versions Of Several Arcade Classics

Darius, one of the most influential arcade scrolling shooter franchises of all time, is coming to Switch and PS4 in two collections. Darius Cozmic Collection: Console and Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade bring together numerous titles–although many of them are variants of the same game.

Both collections, which have already released in Japan, will come to the west on June 16.

Trailers and content lists for both collections have been released. First up, the Arcade Collection contains the original Darius, as well as two variants. It features a total of four games and seven versions. Here’s the list and the trailer.

Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade

  • Darius (Arcade, original version)
  • Darius (Arcade, new version)
  • Darius (Arcade, extra version)
  • Darius II (Arcade, Dual Screen version)
  • SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.1)
  • SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.2)
  • Darius Gaiden (Arcade)

The Console collection is slightly meatier, with six total titles and nine versions. You’re getting a mix of US and Japanese titles in this collection–here’s the list.

Darius Cozmic Collection: Console

  • Darius II (Mega Drive, JP version)
  • SAGAIA (Genesis, US version)
  • SAGAIA (Master System, EU version)
  • Darius Twin (Super Famicom, JP version)
  • Darius Twin (Super NES, US version)
  • Darius Force (Super Famicom, JP version)
  • Super Nova (Super NES, US version)
  • Darius Alpha (PC Engine, JP version)
  • Darius Plus (PC Engine, JP version)

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