Dauntless Adds New Missions, Escalation, And Behemoth With Untamed Wilds Update

Dauntless has received a major update, adding new content to the free-to-play action game on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new update is called Untamed Wilds, and it adds several new challenges and items to the game.

The major addition is the Terra Escalation, which will be added to the Hunt screen. This takes players to the Arbourhome island chain and takss them with battling their way to–and then defeating–the Agarus Behemoth. You’ll want a good squad to take this beast out, because it’s good at isolating and poisoning Slayers.

Once Agarus is down, players will earn schematics for new legendary weapons, with new abilities attached to them. You can use these weapons for area-of-effect healing, as well as fighting, which is extremely helpful.

A new hunt type has also been added. It’s called Missions, and it features some new monsters to fight and new story content, too. These will give Dauntless players some new challenges to overcome. There’s also a new Hunt Pass that has been added, called Strange Horizons, with 50 levels of rewards to unlock.

The last major update to Dauntless was the Clear Skies update, which focused on the game’s hub world. Fans of Dauntless on Switch might be interested in the newly-announced Monster Hunter Rise, too, as Dauntless is inspired by Capcom’s series.

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