Dauntless – Call Of The Void Expansion Breakdown

Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless pits players against a wide variety of monsters, beasts, and other behemoths with an arsenal of over-the-top and elaborate weapons. Taking cues from Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, this online hack and slash game brings you and other players into hunts against the world’s most dangerous behemoths. As a live-service game, Dauntless features a regular round of new content and events to dive into, but the online hack-and-slash monster-slayer is preparing for its most significant content drop yet. With the upcoming expansion, Call of the Void, hunters will be able to travel to a mysterious archipelago to battle new beasts and unearth an ancient power that will significantly improve their skills.

In this exclusive video for GameSpot’s on-going Play For All event, the developers from Phoenix Labs are here to breakdown what to expect in Dauntless’ next expansion, which will be free for all players. In addition to a new arsenal of weapons, armor, and new quests to dive into, the world of Dauntless will expand further as players explore the new island. Throughout the new season, players will be able to take part in an evolving narrative, which will introduce new events and story beats unseen in Dauntless. As you explore more of the archipelago, you’ll reveal ancient powers to upgrade your weapons, granting you further attacks.

Dauntless’ Call of the Void expansion will launch for free on June 11 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.