Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC – How To Unlock Serenade, A Talking Sword Pet | Secret Blueprint Guide

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC – How To Unlock Serenade, A Talking Sword Pet | Secret Blueprint Guide
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Dead Cells might be roguelike, but there are still some secrets that aren’t randomly generated in its biomes. Now that the Fatal Falls DLC is out everywhere, players are hunting every corner of the two major locations for secrets. And one secret is pretty dang cool — a skill sword you can summon that flies to enemies and sets them up for critical hits. And even better? The sword talks!

To unlock the blueprint, you’ll need to find a hidden island in the Fatal Falls exclusive biomes. Most players will probably already have it at this point, but the Spider Rune is required to navigate the hidden island’s traps. You’ll need it before attempting to get the singing sword friend. You’ll also need to takeout a mini-boss enemy, so heal up before entering Serenade’s vault. Learn how to find it in the quick guide below.

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To find Serenade, a flying (and talking) sword pal, you’ll need to free it in the Fractured Shrines biome. This biome can be accessed via elevator just after defeating either of the first boss encounters. The Fractured Shrines is the first biome exclusive to the Fatal Falls DLC.

Once you reach the Fractured Shrines, then you need to locate a portal where it’s raining. The rain reveals a secret — if you look carefully, you can see invisible platforms in the rain. Look where the rain is bouncing off the invisible surfaces above.

Follow the invisible surfaces up until you reach a chamber guarded by a Stone Warden mini-boss – you also need the Spider Rune to access this island. After navigating the trap and defeating the Stone Warden, you’ll be able to access a unique treasure vault.

The vault contains Serenade — a new skill blueprint that inserts itself into your slots. To unlock it permanently, you need to deliver the blueprint. The skill summons a talking flying sword that marks enemies for a critical hit. It’s a weird little weapon that can’t be unlocked any other way. You owe it to yourself to grab this thing.

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