Delve to Defeat Dastardly Fiends in Trove on Xbox One

Oh dear Trovians, while you have done your best to keep the Shadows from our beloved Trove, they have kept us busy and distracted to carry out a nefarious plan! They have burrowed into the core of Trove and created an endless dendritic cave system, much like on Geode (they seem to have learned from there).


To make the most out of their now heavily fortified position, they have joined forces with the fearsome Daughter of the Moon and other dark powers. So once again our treasured Trove is in grave danger and in need of a hero like yourself! So suit up and dive into the biggest adventure yet.


Once you are deep down in the Delves beware: They may be never ending, but those clever Shadows have matched their power to yours. New foes and dungeons await you!


You can fight together with your friends, other allies or even take on a challenge like no other. You can immerse yourself in those quests for minutes or hours, the choice is yours! Of course we have prepared some special offers and new products to assist you on your downward journey and behold: We even gave our Tomb Raiser class a major overhaul to ensure some immortal, bone rattling fun! Stand your ground Trovian, dig down deep and explore the mysterious endless caves of Delves! 

Xbox Live


Trion Worlds Inc.

Discover what’s dropping in the deepest dungeon dive ever dealt with in Trove Delves! Delves are new, endless cave dungeon experiences filled with unique objectives, monster modifiers, and equip-able items that will affect your biggest journey ever in Trove. The further you go in Delves, the greater the risks and the rewards! Quickly complete the Delve objective, defeat the boss within the time limit, and open an epic chest at the end before you dare to proceed onto the next level.