Desert Golfing, One Of The Best Games On Mobile, Asks If There’s Golf On Mars With A Sequel

Is there golf on Mars? There is now. Desert Golfing, one of the best mobile games of the last decade, has just received a sequel, and it’s called Golf On Mars. The game is available now, and costs $3 on iOS and Android. It’s also coming to Steam on June 29, if you’d rather play with a mouse.

Developer Captain Games returns for the sequel, which once again serves up literally millions of holes, all pseudo-randomly generated–meaning that while every player will encounter the same holes, they’ve all been designed by the same algorithm.

You play with simple swipe aim controls, and the goal is, essentially, to go as far as you can with as few strokes as possible. Most players will aim to get their average down, but there’s no end goal–you can theoretically keep playing forever. The game is set in the year 2866 when Mars has been 35% terraformed, but don’t expect much of a narrative.

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While the previous game was set in an endless desert, this one is set on Mars, complete with pockets of water. According to the game’s Steam page, there are approximately 25,770,000,000 holes to enjoy this time. You can also add spin this time for trickier shots.

Amazingly, Golf on Mars weighs in at just 1.5MB on iPhone. You can purchase and install it now, but don’t expect to ever finish it.

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