Destiny 2 Fourth Horseman Exotic Quest Guide: How To Find Zavala’s Office

The Season of the Worthy has added a new Exotic quest for players to chase down in Destiny 2. The 4th Horseman is a four-barreled shotgun that returns from the original Destiny, and looks like it’ll be a formidable weapon, especially in the newly restarted Trials of Osiris. You’ll need to complete an Exotic quest to get the new shotgun, however, and that means going to some effort to explore the Tower. Here’s where to go and what to do to get your 4th Horseman and become death.

How To Start The “In Rides A Pale Horse” Exotic Quest

To get started on your quest for The 4th Horseman, head to the Tower and visit Zavala. He’ll give you the Exotic quest “In Rides a Pale Horse,” which dispatches you to a Vanguard vault to find the gun. First, though, you’ll need to head to his office.

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The mission marker will appear on your map, but it’s not immediately obvious how to find it. You’ll need to head down to a lower level to find the office, which is between the Courtyard and Bazaar sections of the Tower. Head around the corner from Lord Shaxx, near Banshee’s desk, to find a staircase that will lead you down. You can also jump off the bridge heading toward the Bazaar, but that’s a little more difficult to do.

Zavala’s Office

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Continue down the stairs to find a lower bridge, then head toward the Bazaar side to enter Zavala’s office. It’s big and gold, so you’ll know it when you see it. There’s a staircase on the right side that will lead you to the Vanguard vault, but the door is closed. You’ll need to find a secret way in.

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When you get to the vault room, turn around and look at the stairs you just came down. Crouch and slip underneath them to find a vent you can enter. Follow it until you drop down, then jump over the gap and take the stairs. You’ll enter a hallway with a ramen vending machine. Hang a left and look for another vent you can climb into above you.

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From here, head forward to the end of the path (don’t take the right that’ll drop you down) to exit this vent into another staircase. Follow it toward a pile of crates, climb back into the ceiling, and look for the hole you can drop out of to get into the vault. Unfortunately, The 4th Horseman is already missing.

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Missing In Action

Head back and talk to Zavala, who’s upset someone stole the gun and slipped in under Vanguard security. He’ll send you to Ana Bray in hopes of figuring out who took The 4th Horseman. Head to Mars’s Braytech Futurescape and talk to Ana next.

It seems the Cabal might be responsible, but you need intel to proceed. Your next job is to kill Cabal and to complete public events on Mars.

Your best bet is to fire up Escalation Protocol, as killing Cabal enemies is going to take a while. It looks as though the requirements for enemies killed is at least 300 or more, so doing activities like Lost Sectors isn’t going to get you much in the way of progress. It’ll take more than one complete Escalation Protocol run to complete the quest, though, so get ready for a long haul. When you’re done, return to Ana.

In The Shadows

It seems Calus is involved, as are his “Shadows,” the secret assassins he employs. Ana says Calus has double agents in the Red Legion. Head back out and kill Cabal Psions and loot Cabal chests to advance the quest.

You don’t need to stay on Mars for this one, so it’s a good idea to head somewhere less crowded, like the EDZ. Cabal chests in the world are good for a big boost to your quest progress, so equip a chest-finding Ghost shell like Eris Morn’s Shell for best speed. You’ll get anywhere from 10%-20% per chest–it seems weirdly variable–and only 2% per Psion.

Complete your intel-gathering and you’ll be directed to speak to Benedict 99-40, the weird sweeper frame that’s actually a secret Calus agent. You’ll find him in the Annex portion of the Tower, so head there next.

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