Destiny 2 Season 11’s Most Important New Features Explained

As with its past seasons, Destiny 2’s new Season of Arrival brings a new activity for players to take part in, and new ways to earn weapons and armor to power up their characters. The new activity is called Contact, and completing it helps you power up a machine known as the Prismatic Recaster. The event is similar to Gambit, with some nuances all its own.

Check out the video above to see Contact in action. We run down how to complete it successfully, as well as how to activate the public event’s “Heroic” version for better rewards and some increased challenges. We also explain the new reward mechanic in the Season of Arrivals, the Umbral Engram. You’ll find these Darkness-infused engrams throughout the game, but you can only decrypt them for loot at the Drifter. The Prismatic Recaster can allow you to “focus” those engrams to get yourself specific rewards, but you’ll need to master the season’s new currencies to do it.

We’ve got lots more Destiny 2 coverage for you to check out, exploring the game’s future on next-gen consoles and its newly announced Beyond Light expansion in the fall. There is also sure to be more to find hidden within the Season of Arrivals, so stay tuned to GameSpot for even more from Destiny 2.