Destroy All Humans! Update Sees Improvements For Playing On PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Free Skins, And More

Improved resolution and unlocked framerate add to next gen backwards compatibility.

destroy all humans!

Last year saw the release of the Destroy All Humans! remake. The game was a faithful reskinning of the original, and it seems that a tease for a second game of some kind is out there now. A new update is live for the game, too, that will let you have a better experience on next gen consoles, as well as some goodies all around.

The latest update, 1.08, is live now. It adds unlocked framerate for the PS4 version, which should allow a higher framerate on the PS5. It also mentions improved resolution for Xbox systems, both Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. Just to be clear, there are no native next gen versions of the game, this is all referencing playing the game via backward compatibility. There’s also several gameplay tweaks and three free skins. Thanks to Twisted Voxel for transcribing the full patch notes below.

Destroy All Humans! is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The 1.08 update is now live.

  • 3 new free skins (all platforms): Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare, Midas Touch
  • PS4 patch to unlock FPS restrictions (this will help players on PS5 as well)
  • X1X patch for improved details
  • XSX patch for improved resolution and details
  • Silhouette fight tweaks (all platforms)
  • Decreased difficulty on the final boss fight
  1. Toned down enemy reinforcement spawns
  2. Slightly increased the time Crypto has to get into cover
  3. Slightly reduced Silhouette’s Shock-O-Mator beam damage and sweep speed
  4. Removed particle exploder mines that spawn in proximity to Crypto
  • Soldier and Power Suit Grenades balancing tweaks (all platforms)
  1. Increased damage dealt to enemies by enemy grenades.
  • Crypto tweaks (all platforms)
  1. Ion Detonator Upgrade
  2. Lowered the slowdown and duration of the Ion Detonator’s Temporal Distortionator upgrade and increased its shield regen multiplier.

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