Destruction AllStars Double XP Weekend Kicks off Today

Rack up AllStar Coins to spend on cosmetics faster starting today.

destruction allstars

Destruction AllStars developers Lucid Games have said in the past that they plan on supporting the multiplayer car combat title for some time to come, and while that’s going to entail new content down the line – such as additional modes and playable AllStars – smaller updates to keep fans occupied and engaging with the game can also be expected.

Double XP periods are a time honoured example of the latter, and Destruction AllStars is going to kick off its first one soon. Lucid Games recently announced via their official Twitter page that a double XP weekend for the game will be kicking off today, at 3 PM UTC. That means you’ll be able to rack up AllStar Coins – which you earn every time you level up in the game – at a much faster rate, and have more to spend on cosmetics.

Destruction AllStars is currently available exclusively on PS5, and will be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers until the end of March. You can read our review of the game through here.