Destruction AllStars Guide – How to Steal Vehicles

Lost your car? Just get another, with some help from your opponents.

destruction allstars

Given the, well, destructive nature of Destruction AllStars, commandeering a new vehicle will be necessary during matches. First, you need to either jump (X) or evade (Circle) when a hostile vehicle is approaching you. Then press Triangle to begin the hijacking process. Now comes the tough part – a button prompt battle to eventually Take or Wreck the vehicle.

Two bars pop up during this process – the blue bar is yours and must be filled by hitting the buttons that appear. The orange bar is your opponent’s – if they fill their bar first, then you’re knocked off. Since Square and Circle are the more common buttons pressed during the takeover process, it’s best to remap them to something more comfortable. The shoulder buttons (L1 and R1) should work, as will the triggers (L2 and R2).

Fill the blue bar quickly enough, choose the Take option and the vehicle is yours. If you’re on the receiving end of a hostile takeover attempt, then filling the orange bar is easy. Drive wildly, smashing into cars and even executing sharp turns whenever possible. Eventually, the bar should be filled and your opponent sent packing.