Doom Eternal Mars Core: Mission 7 Walkthrough And Tips

Below you can find a walkthrough detailing how to get through Doom Eternal‘s seventh mission: Mars Core. It’s a shorter one than some of the previous missions, but keep your guard up, as there are some powerful foes to face. Fortunately, you get your hands on some new firepower to finish the job!

For walkthroughs of Doom Eternal’s other chapters, check out our guide hub collecting what we have up so far. We’ll be publishing more in subsequent days. But if you’re looking for more basic Doom Eternal tips, be sure to read our guide detailing everything you should know before playing. Otherwise, you can read our Doom Eternal review in progress.

Mission 7 Walkthrough — Mars Core

Once the opening cutscene ends, there are some fodder enemies to deal with. Go through the door to the left of the elevator and hang another left up the stairs. You can climb up into a vent here, so go through and follow the corridor around until you drop into a larger room. Go through the portal and you’ll be met by a Baron of Hell. This enemy type is similar to the Dread Knight, and as such, the Chaingun is your best weapon of choice when facing one. Just watch out for its fiery projectiles and devastating slam attack.

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With everything dead, follow the waypoint through the next few doors until you emerge outside. The next combat arena has some Cacodemons, Arachnotrons, and a Cyber Mancubus to fight. There are also plenty of fodder enemies you can use to replenish your lost supplies. Once you’re done, follow the waypoint until you reach a smaller combat arena and kill everything in sight. Eventually the Doom Hunter will appear as a regular enemy, so focus your rocket fire on his sled much like you did in the previous boss fight.

Drop down into the hole that appears and then jump through the gap in the spinning fan below you. When you reach the area with the big pistons on either side of the room, defeat all of the enemies and then use the pistons to climb up and reach the upper platform. Avoid the fire while killing the Mancubus, then climb the ladder for a cutscene.

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Now you have the BFG-9000 in your possession; this exceedingly powerful weapon will rip and tear through pretty much anything, but ammunition is at a premium. Head through the door and test it out on the swarm of Cacodemons that appear to lay waste to absolutely everything. Pick up the ammunition in the center of the platform and hop into the next portal. Jump between the platforms in this next arena until you’re back inside. Kill the enemies waiting down the corridor and head through the door to reach another combat arena. There’s a Buff Totem here, so quickly run to the left after dropping down to find it and destroy it.

Once you’ve killed all of the enemies, drop into the hole that opens up and follow the corridor around until you find an elevator. Interact with the terminal at the top and go through the open door to use the Ion Catapult. After bursting through the wall, take care of the enemies in this room and follow the waypoint into a room filled with tentacle holes. Go left and then left again and climb up into the vent. From here, you can jump across to the launch pad on the other side and use the poles to swing and drop down into the big hole.

Make your way across the next few platforms and drop down to the right of the stairs, where you’ll see a climbable wall on one of the rocks. Head down and jump to the small platform with a jump pad on top of it, and then time your jump to avoid the spinning piece of debris and enter the next area. Take out the couple of Cacodemons that show up, then use the Dash Refills to reach the next large platform. There’s quite a lot of enemies here, including two durable Baron’s of Hell. Fortunately, there is some BFG-9000 ammo if you head up the stairs and go right, so use that to clear the area with a bang.

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Head through the next door, avoid the lasers, and clear the room of enemies. There’s some more platforming to do here, but you can use the giant red explosive barrels floating through the air to kill some of the enemies to make maneuvering easier. Once you’ve jumped across to the large platform and dealt with the Baron of Hell, use the jump pad to reach the upper floor and then jump across to the floating platforms with climbable walls attached to the side. Use these to make your way across to the large platform with an Arachnotron waiting on it. Kill the Demon and take care of the Zombies, then jump to the wall on the right side and climb up. Defeat the enemies here, and use the Chaingun against the Baron of Hell, and follow the waypoint to the jump pad.

Jump to the right and go through the door to find another corridor filled with tentacles. Make your way through and drop down into the vent illuminated by a green light. You’ll find another combat arena featuring a Doom Hunter. Clear the area and follow the waypoint through the gate that opens to pick up some more BFG-9000 ammo. Use this to rip through the Cacodemons that spawn in, then make your way across the lava field and into the portal to finish the mission.

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