Doom Eternal Taras Nabad: Mission 9 Walkthrough And Tips

After vanquishing the Gladiator in Doom Eternal‘s eighth mission, it’s back to shooting some more demons. Below you can find a step-by-step walkthrough of the game’s ninth mission: Taras Nabad.

For walkthroughs of Doom Eternal’s other chapters, check out our guide hub collecting what we have up so far. We’ll be publishing more in subsequent days. But if you’re looking for more basic Doom Eternal tips, be sure to read our guide detailing everything you should know before playing. Otherwise, you can read our Doom Eternal review in progress.

Mission 9 Walkthrough — Taras Nabad

Follow the path around and jump to the lower platform on your left. A number of enemies will swarm you on the bridge, including a Hell Knight and Cyber Mancubus. Once they’re dead, melee the two contraptions at the end of the bridge on both sides to open the door.

As the door’s hinges swing open, you’ll be confronted by a few Zombies, a Cacodemon, and the return of the Marauderas a regular enemy. You’ll want to approach the Marauder in the same way you did during its boss fight, maintaining a medium-ranged distance and counter attacking with a couple of Super Shotgun blasts when its eyes flash green. Do this enough and you’ll eventually be able to finish it off with a Glory Kill.

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Continue through the door when everything’s dead and swing on the pole to reach the next platform. Keep going until you enter a large arena with a statue on the opposite side. While things start out quiet, you might eventually find yourself overwhelmed by both regular and buffed enemies. There is no Buff Totem here, however. Instead, you need to find a new enemy type called the Archville. This demon summons other enemies to fight you. It can usually be found on one of the upper platforms using a fiery shield to protect itself. Get up behind it and try to quickly take it down to finish it off before it can summon more enemies, and dispatch the rest it’s conjured up to that point.

After surviving this scrap, melee the back of the large statue in the arena and then drop down to hit a button at its base. This will open up a hatch in the center of the arena leading to some irradiated water. Swim through the hazmat symbol to avoid taking damage, then Dash into the glowing wall to break it. Now that the water has lowered, you can use the walls to climb back up and shoot the glowing green symbol at the back of the hole beneath the statue. This opens a pathway under the water, so swim through there and exit out the other side.

Clear out the enemies in this next corridor and enter the large set of doors in the next open area. Once the cutscene is over, follow the waypoint through the exit and into another combat arena. Utilise the Blood Punch or Super Shotgun to take care of the two Cyber Manbuses that appear, and focus your rocket fire on the Doom Hunter’s sled to disable it. With the arena cleared out, you’ll want to climb up the rubble to the left of where you entered and melee the contraption, then rush to the opposite side and hit the other contraption there. This will open up a path leading to the sewers.

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Follow the sewers until you arrive to a flooded room. Grab the hazmat suit on the right side and dive into the water. There’s another glowing wall to Dash through that will lower the water level. Once that’s done, submerge yourself again and swim into the gap in the wall. Climb out and shoot the glowing symbol, then enter the gate that’s opened up beneath it. Dash through the wall here and the water level will lower once again. Melee the block, climb up it and then leap to the climbable wall. From here you can shoot another glowing green symbol and open up the exit.

Continue through the sewer and climb the fallen giant once you reemerge outside. With the Crucible now in your possession, head right and into another combat arena. There’s not a lot of room to work with here, but you can make use of the jump pad and pole to create some separation from the onslaught of enemies. With everything dead, follow the waypoint through the next corridor and jump to the platform on the right once you enter an opening. There’s a few enemies to defeat here, and once you dispatch them, you can then use the nearby Dash refill to reach the next structure.

Keep moving and an elevator will take you up to some more enemies. Survive this and then run across the bridge and enter the door ahead. Take a left, shoot open the next gate, then press the switch in the back right corner of the room to open two other gates. Melee the contraptions behind each gate and the big vault-like door will open. Follow the waypoint, and you’ll eventually come to a room with a demon skull on one end. Jump down to the platform behind the skull and flip the switch to activate two jump pads on either side. Use these to melee the chandelier above and drop down into the hole it creates in the room.

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Hop into the next big pit you come across and melee the chain holding the block in place at the bottom of the water. Climb on the block and shoot the green symbol to open up the exit. Continue down this corridor, killing the group of enemies that assault you on the way, and follow the waypoint into more irradiated water. Dash through the breakable wall at the bottom to lower the water level. Now you can stand on the block to shoot another green symbol and use the climbable walls to get out. Kill the enemies in the next room and follow the waypoint until you arrive in a room with a pot of lava in the middle.

After the cutscene plays, you can now use the Crucible to insta-kill any enemy type. Don’t waste it on fodder enemies, and instead hone in on killing the more powerful enemies, making sure to recharge the Crucible by using the pick-ups throughout the arena. Once everything is sliced into tiny pieces, it’s time to exit through the portal.

Fortress of Doom (Last Call!)

This is your final visit to the Fortress of Doom until after the final credits have rolled. So use any of the Sentinel Batteries you have left and activate the portal to begin the next mission.

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