Dota 2: Patch 7.27 – One Week Later

Here is the current situation in patch 7.27.

It’s been a week since patch 7.27 came out. Although we haven’t seen the hero changes yet, there were many changes to the items, which means that they are also reflecting on the different heroes.

Having said that, let’s take a look at which ar the most popular heroes in the game right now.


Regardless of what patch it is, Pudge is always a hero that gets picked in pub games. The reason behind this is pretty simple – he is just incredibly fun to play with. Although he might not be as useful as other roaming supports, he is still pretty good in some cases.

The best thing about Pudge is that almost every Hook later on in the game is a guaranteed kill. What’s more, this also happens to be one of the fastest snowballing heroes in the game, which is worth mentioning.


Sniper is one of the mid laners that can become the hardest hitting hero later on in the game. Generally speaking, he has always been really popular. However, after the recent changes, there are more Sniper picks than ever before. One of the main reasons behind this is the item changes, most significantly the change to Monkey King Bar.

This is an item that almost every Sniper player purchased at some point. It gives a lot of damage and attack speed, which are two of the best stats for this hero. Also, when you take into account the fact that the item is cheaper, it’s not hard to see why Sniper is the go-to mid laner right now.

Having said that, we believe that there could be some nerfs to him in the upcoming update. After all, Valve doesn’t really let people spam the strong heroes all that much without consequences.


The third hero on our list is yet another strong core, however, this time, it is a carry. Juggernaut is in a very similar spot to Pudge in terms of his popularity. This is one of the core heroes that tend to get picked all the time, regardless of the current meta.

Nevertheless, the recent item changes seem to be working really well for this hero. Instead of going for the classic Battlefury build, more and more players are starting to focus on Monkey King Bar. This probably isn’t that big of a surprise, considering the fact that this item was really buffed recently.

Whether or not Juggernaut will continue to be one of the leading Dota 2 heroes is still up in the air. However, until the update that contains the hero changes gets out, this is one of the best carries to play with.

Queen of Pain

The fourth hero on our list might be a bit surprising to some of you. Queen of Pain hasn’t really been the most popular hero in the last couple of months. Even though she is really strong during all stages of the game, there are just better heroes at her position.

However, this all changed once the Arcana was released. As you probably know, TI 10’s Battle Pass will reward you with a free Arcana for this hero once you reach a certain level. Needless to say, there are many people who want to play with this unique item, which is why the hero just sky-rocketed recently.

Other than that, the item changes didn’t really have that much of an effect on Queen of Pain. Most players still prefer to go for the classic Orchid + Aghanim’s Scepter build that’s been around for ages.


The last hero on this list is Lion and that’s probably not big of a surprise. This has always been one of the most popular supports in the game for many reasons. Apart from the two CC spells that can make a huge difference during team fights, Lion is also capable of doing a lot of damage. As a result, he is the go-to pick for most of the support players right now.

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