Drake Hollow, The Next Game From The Flame In The Flood Devs, Has Been Delayed

Drake Hollow, the next game from The Flame in the Flood developer The Molasses Flood, has been delayed indefinitely just a few days before its previous July release date.

A short message from studio director Forrest Dowling explains that the delay is down to technical issues that can’t be delved into due to NDA restrictions. “Unfortunately, due to the nature of the delay we don’t have a new date yet, but will let everyone know as soon as we do,” Dowling concluded.

Drake Hollow is a cooperative mix between survival and wave-based defense mechanics. You and three friends can build settlements and raise drakes–sentient plants that you’ll need to feed, shelter, and, most importantly, keep entertained. The drakes will help you defend your base by manning weapons you build or suppling energy to automated defenses with treadmills. But if you don’t hold their interest, they literally die.

Drake Hollow will eventually launch for Xbox One and PC on Steam and the Windows Store. The Molasses Flood’s previous survival game, The Flame in the Flood, launched in 2016, shortly after the studio of AAA veterans opened. In GameSpot’s The Flame and the Flood review, critic Edmond Tran wrote, “Despite the awkward menu system, it’s an absorbing game that lets you experience a journey in the present, and fully appreciate the sights, sounds, and joys of floating down the river in its alluring world.”

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