Drawful 2 is free on Steam for three weeks to help those at home

There are going to be a lot more family game nights over the next few months and Jackbox Games wants to help by offering Drawful 2 for free on PC. (And for nine cents on the Nintendo eShop.)

With a good chunk of the country under stay-at-home orders, that means a lot of families are going to have a lot more time to bond. Family game nights are going to become much more of a thing over the next few months. Jackbox Games would like to help with those efforts, so it’s making one of its best family games, Drawful 2, available for free.

“To put it mildly, this is a difficult time for everyone,” reads the Jackbox Games website. “The silver lining has been seeing so many people sharing our games while on video calls with family and friends. Our games have always been about bringing people together and the fact that they are being played in this way to help people cope is comforting. We want to help make it easier for people to experience these moments of connection and happiness during a dark period. For this reason, we’ve decided to give away Drawful 2 for free for the next three weeks.”

This giveaway applies primarily to the PC version of the game, which users can pick up on the Jackbox Shop or Steam. The Apple TV version is also going for free and is available on the App Store.

Those looking for the console version of Drawful 2 won’t find it on sale for either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, though it’s currently half-off on the former. But if they want a version they can take on-the-go, the Nintendo Switch version is going for a paltry nine cents. That’s 99 percent off of the original price. You can find that over on the Nintendo eShop.

For the uninitiated, Drawful 2 challenges players or teams to draw wacky objects on their mobile devices. Because players can now craft their own prompts with the custom episode feature, there’s no need to worry about this version of the game feeling dated. It’s fun for three to eight players.

This special Drawful 2 deal will only run through April 10 or until supplies last. And it’s surprising how quickly Steam keys can run out, so don’t sleep on this special. Also, if you’re perusing our Weekend PC Download Deals and Weekend Console Download Deals features, those have been updated to include this offer.

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